The Story

It's time to tell the story... 

Once, there was a girl.  She was broken, abandoned, and crying for help. 
She tried to smile, hoping that someone would notice her lying on the ground in the dirt, helpless and starving; but no one did.  She kept smiling.

But still, no one came for her.

Then, she met a lost boy.  The boy was strong and brave, but he was also broken and scared, and he had been left for dead many times.  When he met the girl, he clung to her and promised never to let go.  They were lost together. 

But still, no one came for them.

They were shuffled from place to place, but it was just more of the same. 
They always ended up back in the dirt; abandoned and alone.  
But they had eachother...and they were hopeful. 

Then one day, a father came for them.  His heart was broken for them, and he plucked them up off the streets and carried them home.  He smiled as he walked, as he had been watching them and protecting them all along, and had been waiting for this day to come.

He washed them off, clothed them, and made promises to them that were hard to believe. 

The father promised the boy and girl that they had been claimed forever into his family, and he offered them full biological hereditary rights to his family inheritence.

The boy and girl accepted this offer,
and together they joined a new Family. 
They were irreversibly claimed;
adopted into Grace.

And so it begins.

The girl became a mother; the boy, a father. 

Soon after, the girl's new Father reminded her of a promise she had carried within her heart since she was a little girl; that someday,
she would be a mother to the lost.

She prayed that God would share
this promise with the boy. 

They joined together to search the world
for the single child that was promised to them, 
offering up any questions and fears to God alone. 

Within days, God offered up not one,
but two of His children to be placed into their family...

One hungry yet smiling girl...

And one lost boy.

The mother washed them off and clothed them.  The father promised the boy and girl that they had been claimed forever into his family, and he offered them full biological hereditary rights to his family inheritence.

The mother and father prayed for
mercy and healing for their new children... 

And they were adopted into Grace.

God answers prayers,

There were great risks involved,
penalties to pay, and
great distances to travel. 

But in the end,
the price would be paid,
and the children would be
forever claimed. 

And so it would seem the story has come to an end.

But life lived as God's own children is the greatest adventure of all,
and our story has only just begun.

It is our honor and privilege to introduce to you the newest members of our growing family.

Meet our son...

Moses Obsa

20 "At this time Moses was born;
and he was beautiful in God's sight..."

And our daughter...

Miriam Saliya

20 Then Miriam the prophetess, the sister of Aaron, took a tambourine in her hand, and all the women went out after her with tambourines and dancing.

21 And Miriam sang to them:

“Sing to the LORD,
for he has triumphed gloriously...”

Yes, He has triumphed gloriously.

Please pray for our family as we wait to be reunited.  We ask for prayers for a quick embassy date, at which time we may return to Ethiopia and bring our children home forever.  The estimated wait is 2-6+ months.  We are asking simply for God's perfect timing.

Please pray for strength, courage, continued healing, and faith for all of the members of our family as we wait in faith for what has been promised to us...

Thank you for being a part of this journey with us.  Your prayers have lifted and sustained our family.


  1. Amazing and beautiful story. You have an amazing and beautiful family, too!

  2. Beautiful story, beautiful family. Love it! Thanks for sharing. Read your story in my newsletter.

  3. I happened across your "story" and want to keep reading. Please keep living it!

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    Adoption truly is a picture of The Gospel! Thank you for sharing the Good News!


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