Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Confessions of a Homestudy

Today is the homestudy. 

A woman will come to our home and evaluate if we are fit parents, and if our house is a home. 

I am going to bake some Pillsbury cookies from scratch to make the house smell nice. 

What could go wrong, really?   

Nothing to be alarmed about. 
That's just a plastic knife that my daughter is obsessed with. 

That's just her face. 

Our dog?  Don't worry about him. 
He's just a giant beast that roams our house
and wrestles with our kids. 

There are other pictures, too...

There's a Daddy who leaves for work at 4:30 in the morning so that he doesn't miss a minute of before-bed time in the evenings.

There's a Mommy who loves her girls so much that she sniffs them when they aren't looking, just like her Mommy used to do.  That thinks motherhood is the best job on the planet.

There are Sisters.

Best Friends.

There are Grandmas of all types.  Silly Grandmas.

Fun Grandmas.

Artsy Grandmas.

Grandpas who build.

Grandpas who teach.

Grandpas who care.

Six Grandparents who all said
when we asked to alter thier family tree.

We've got a church in our backyard that supports, encourages, and educates people in adoption and orphan care; and families within that church that are willing to come alongside of these parents and teach us how to do what we have been asked to do.

So the cookies won't matter.
We've got this.

Thank you, God, for this family.
Thank you for this home.
Thank you for my girls.
Thank you for giving me more than I need
and everything that I love.

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