Saturday, August 27, 2011


We are the parents of two biological daughters; Lilly and Daisy. 

My husband Paul and I have felt the call to adopt as directed in James 1:27 for quite a while, and it has taken us this long to confirm and obey. 

         If not us, then who?  If not now, then when? 

Adoption and orphan care has always been at the heart of the Christian faith.  We hope that our journey will encourage you that God is an oasis in the desert, that He always shows up, that He creates beauty from tragedy, and that He always provides. 

There are Biblical parallels between adoption and the Christian faith.  Adoption IS the demonstration of God's love for us.  God adopted us when we came to Him covered in the disease of sin. 

God does not ask us to live protectively, or safely, or to "live your best life". 
God does not call us to be comfortable. 
God calls us to lay down our lives to His will. 

What is His will?

It's simple.....
Repent and Believe.  Follow!
We make it too complicated.  And it's NOT.

A year ago, I was spiritually crippled by fear. 

Something changed. 

Jesus arrested me in my sin.
He showed me the way out.

He changed everything. 
He gave me eyes to see.
He made me BRAVE.
This world is not our home, so it does not have to be perfect for me or my kids.

My children can live with less.
And I can do more.
There is a famine going on RIGHT NOW. 

Somewhere in Africa, right at this moment, a mother is starving to death while she is pregnant.  Worse, a mother is watching her child starve to death.  Mothers, can you imagine this?  Pray!

Disease, AIDS, poverty, and tragedy are filling orphanages right at this minute.  The children of Africa can dare to hope that if they live through this famine, statistics show that they are more likely to be raped than learn to read, and the same diseases and violence that took their parents might return for them.   


All of those children are God's.
One Two of those children are ours.

Thank you for joining us in the beginning of our story. 

Support my family in prayer and by visiting this blog for updates as we venture to bring home our child from Ethiopia.          


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