Saturday, September 10, 2011

Buckle Up

One of our adoption loans fell through yesterday.
It was a tough day.  But there have been other tough days...

The day we told friends and family about our plan, the emotional support was overwhelming.  However, many asked,
"How do you KNOW that this is God's calling?" 

It got to me.  

I woke my oldest daughter from her nap and drove her to the dollar theater to see Pooh Bear, something I would never normally do. 

It was raining. 
Hurricane Irene was passing over our heads.

It started raining really hard on the drive over, and I just cried while I drove. 
I was really, really scared. 
What if we were wrong? 
What if we were outside of "The Plan"? 

I begged God for a sign, or at least some comfort.

Soaked from the rain and still wiping tears from my eyes, I purchased tickets at the booth.  I turned to find my daughter staring face to face with a little boy. 

She whispered just loud enough for me to hear, "Mommy, is this my brother?"

I quickly apologized to the little boy's Mommy, explaining the adoption. 

She said It's okay... 
He's from Ethiopia. 

I was speechless.  I went to the popcorn stand and the woman fell in line behind me again.  We exchanged numbers, and she invited us to join her family for the Ethiopian New Year's dinner at a local Ethiopian restaurant in September. 

That day is today.

His rainbows are everywhere in our lives right now.  

If this small bump knocked us off the course, we would not make it through the trials that lie ahead either.  

He's GOT this!


  1. He's totally got this! God is bigger than money woes. And your child who is waiting on you will bless your life and make every tear and heartache and dollar and time spent waiting, worth it!

  2. Missy, God is all over you like glitter, and it is a beautiful thing to see! Remember, the only the he wants you to do is to TRUST him! Hugs and Prayers!

  3. Thank you for the support, ladies!

  4. I followed Amy Perry's link to your blog. I wish you the best of luck and know what you mean about your children are your children, regardless of the hows and wheres of their birth.

  5. It is such a wonderful and beautiful thing you and Paul and your children are doing. May you feel Gods love and strength and courage every step of the way.

  6. Thanks again for all of these kind words. They are greatly appreciated. And Tirzah, your words bring God's love, strength, and courage right to my door. Thank you.

  7. Hi Paul & Missy: My wife came across your blog and encouraged me to follow...I'm glad that I did! I love examples of folks finding and following their God given passion, seeing how He puts it together and then going for it the way you guys have. God Bless...Steve in BC Canada


Thank you for your words and support.