Thursday, November 3, 2011

Care Package

We get to send over care packages whenever another family in our agency travels for court or pick-up.  We all take turns carrying gallon ziplocs for each other, stuffed with whatever we think will tell our child
how much we love them. 

It's never enough.

What in the world do you send to the other side of the world to two infants that says "Mommy's coming"? 

What do you send that says "You have a family"
 or "Daddy's waiting for you!"

I found these weeks ago at my friend Bonnie's house.

I made one block for each baby.  I filled four windows with pictures of our waiting family, and two windows with their pictures.  All of us together.

I packed a small envelope of pictures and a verse card for each child for the nannies to hang over the cribs.

I packed it all up. 

Yes, I cried.
I wanted to be the one to give it to them,
to hold them and smell them.

The next morning...

...someone took apart the whole package.

Then she waited patiently for Daddy to bring home the car (we are still sharing) so that she could take her brother and sister's toys to the Post Man, 
who gives them to the Truck Man.

Later, we returned home from Fellowship Dinner to find our own family care package waiting on our doorstep. 

Someone sent me love, too:

It's a big deal. 
It's our first brown baby doll.

As soon as the box opened,
Lilly screamed her new sister's name.

She knew!

A doll and note from my dear friend Julie, who I met five years ago when we sat down next to each other at a wedding reception. 

I loved her immediately. 
(Julie, not the doll.)
(Ok, both.)

God weaves people together like a tapestry. 
We come in and out of each other's lives,
having no idea of what lies ahead.

Julie and her husband adopted their first son from Ethiopia a few years after the wedding.  When adoption became a possibility for Paul and I,
I remembered Julie.

I called her immediately, and we have talked almost every single day since.  She has helped, listened, advised, and supported our family in every way possible, all the way from central Florida. 

I told her recently that I have had a special place in my life waiting for a friend just like her.  She challenges me.  Yes, we talk about adoption; but the late night conversations that go on and on normally have nothing to do with adoption and everything to do with God, or how to walk the walk without losing your mind.

When God was setting out the place cards for the wedding reception, He knew to put the future Ethiopian Mommies
at the same table.

The next day, it happened again:

Another gift, another friend.

A necklace from Amazima made by Ugandan women, sent anonymously. 
Only after a little hunting did I find the culprit. 

My dear Erin. 

We have walked through the fire together.  She has been there for my during my darkest days, seen the absolute worst of me, and loves me anyways. 

Do you know what a priceless gift that kind of friend is?

It's a treasure.
(That's her, conquering the Hawaiian sunset)

She's soulful, fearless.

I'm Blessed.

Thank you, God,
for sending me your care packages
dressed up like people.

Thank you for my friends,

Thank you!


  1. Dear Missy,
    I can see why everyone LOVES you! Our baby is in the same care center as Missy's babies, she also made a photo block for our baby girl.. We NEVER met, she just did it for love of a child.. I will forever be in Missy's life long after our kids are home.. WEll.... there is a slight chance her son and our daughter could get married I think they share a crib.. She is a giving, big hearted,woman and I couldn't be more greatful to have met her on this wonderful journey, of adoption! Missy you are truly one of a kind, and I appreciate all your support and kind words daily!! May God bless you always as you have been a blessing to me!!

    Sherrie xoxox

  2. missy,
    ok, this is getting creepy! we do seem to know alot of the same people, despite not living near each other. when you were writing about who sent the baby doll and then i saw julie's picture, i was taken off-guard :-) we also know julie and her beautiful family- a small group of us with children adopted from ethiopia have gotten together here in our town over the past year or so. they are a precious family- full of smiles and laughter!!
    if you are ever in our area, i do hope we can meet. we do seem to have much in common :-)
    blessings to you as you prepare your heart and home for your little ones!
    haley in florida (alison and ricky ungaro's friend)

  3. Missy...I am not sure what to say but thank you...thank you for following Heavenly Father's plan for you and your babies...I was praying this morning and felt drawn to your blog again after for some reason (I have read it on and off for some time...not even knowing how I ended up finding it)...I am not sure the whole reason I was supposed to read it today yet but I am thankful for your raw yet endearing testimony of the savior and our Father in Heaven. I am also thankful that now I know of Amazima and people I know already know of Katie's work (God's work) so that they may help...I couldn't stay became engrossed! You are truly an amazing spirit, a kindred one. -Deanna Little


Thank you for your words and support.