Monday, October 31, 2011

10 More Kids!

10 Kids were placed with sponsor families on this link in less than 10 days.
10 More were added, and they were once again joined with sponsor families.

Original 10 More Kids Post:
A big thank you to those of you who sponsored the original
10 Kids at Kechene school, where Paul and I will be  visiting in Ethiopia. 

You guys gave me so much hope for what can be done by willing hearts, that we have taken
10 More Kids. 

Round Two:

11.  Leiya - NOW SPONSORED!
By Teresa Toney and Family

12.  Mekdelawit - NOW SPONSORED!
By Kelly Sedeyn Borchert and Family

13.  Befikadu - NOW SPONSORED!
By the Popowicz Family

14.  Debora - NOW SPONSORED!
By the Geaslen Family

15.  Selemon - NOW SPONSORED! 
By the McCoy Family

16.  Mikias

17.  Hirut - NOW SPONSORED!
By Laura Harms and Family

18.  Serkadise - NOW SPONSORED!
By Vicki Willems Hookham and Family

19.  Dawit

20.  Tessema - NOW SPONSORED
ALSO by the Geaslen Family (see #14)

Share this post.  Share the pictures.  My personal goal in this project is to be able to sit and tell as many children as I can at that school about Jesus Christ and their sponsor families. 

Learn more about Children's Hope Chest and Kechene School on Greta's blog.

And don't forget to check in and pray over our original 10!

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  1. Please check out Jamie's post about Setotaw, #10 on the original list:


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