Tuesday, November 29, 2011

10 Kids Update

Thank you, God,  for letting me be
a part of something so beautiful...

Our Selam - The little girl who started it all.
Sponsored by Lilly and Daisy 

Selam pictured with my friend Lyndsey last week.
This beautiful woman not only held my Selam, but took a day to spend with our adopted babies in their care center, showering them with love and donations. 

I have learned in this process that this great big world is actually very small, and that the connections created by Christ are Divine. 

Because God is good.  So good.
He paints with such broad strokes....

 My treasure of a friend, Erin, went out and found 
her own Kechene girl! 

By Erin Haines and Family

We also discovered that Paul's sister had contacted Hope Chest on the day we announced our adoption, looking for a sponsor child in her new niece or nephew's country. 

That random search also led her to a child at Kechene School... 

By Robyn (ROEPNACK!) Phipps and Family

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