Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Two weeks before I leave on the biggest adventure of my life, I begin another journey with my sister Laura.  

We've done the hurting... 
Now it's time for the healing. 

It's time to thank the Father for what He will do,
and for the poison that pumps through my friend's blood in order to cure her. 

It's a day to celebrate chemo, and all that it brings.

And as I watch the locks fall to the floor,
I see what is really happening in this room.

We are taking her down to her core. 
What will be left? 



And a fearless face that shines so bright with the Holy Spirit...

with the love,
the joy,
the PEACE,
the patience....

What's left is the fruit. 

When the Lord shines on our faces, do we reflect it?

When we are asked to face Him,
to really face Him
in our fears,
with our lives,
with our futures, 
do we trust Him and let Him continue to shine?

"A happy heart makes the face cheerful,
but heartache crushes the spirit."

-Proverbs 15:13


  1. Laura, You are absolutely beautiful in every way. Missy's friend, Pat

  2. Oh, Missy. What a journey, what a friendship. What a Father we have, to stand by our sides through it all.

  3. Laura, good luck in this journey. You will be in my families prayers nightly. You are beautiful, and a warrior. Many warm hugs and kisses from a small family in florida.
    Missy's friend Lacey Pace

  4. Laura,
    I pray for your recovery, and for your strength!! Through him ALL things are possible!!
    Missy, you are a one of a kind friend!! You have the most caring heart...

    God Bless,
    Sherrie xoxoxo


Thank you for your words and support.