Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I've Got 10 Kids...

UPDATE:  These children have ALL been sponsored!!!

10 Kids were placed with sponsor families on this link in less than 10 days.
10 More were added, and they were once again joined with sponsor families.

I am recruiting 10 Bloggers to take their own 10 Kids.

10 x 10 = 100 Kids loved, fed, remembered.
10 For 10.

Join me today, by requesting your own 10.
Share the gift by visiting the links below and sharing these 10 For 10 posts with YOUR friends, helping us to extend our "reach".


1) Driggers Family Post

2) Preedy Family Post

3) Jensen Family Coming Soon

4) McCoy Family Coming Soon

5) Lewis Family Coming Soon

6) Wagner Family Coming Soon

Original 10 For 10 Post:
Remember Hope Chest?

Well, I've "brought home" 10 Hope Chest children to The Oasis. 
I want them to find their sponsor families today

I want to share my "Christmas Joy" with you. 
I want you to find it right here, in one of these beautiful children. 

1.  Aynalem - NOW SPONSORED!
By Sarah (Test) Pierce and Family

2.  Kidist - NOW SPONSORED!
By Erica Eaton and Family

3.  Andualem - NOW SPONSORED!
By Diane (Test) Kucmerowski and Family

4.  Elsabeth - NOW SPONSORED!
By Carrie Fudge and Family

5.  Getahun - NOW SPONSORED!
By Buffy (Burchette) Lentz and Family

6.  Getaneh - NOW SPONSORED!
By (my uncle!) Paul Spoutz and Aletha Madden

7.  Henok K. - NOW SPONSORED!
By Abbie (Buresh) Zulim and Family

8.  Henok M. - NOW SPONSORED!
By Tina (Cottrell) Razzano and Family

9.  Matewos - NOW SPONSORED!
By Katie (Rheinhardt) Watkins and Family

10.  Setotaw - NOW SPONSORED!
By Heather Whitcomb and Family

(Don't worry...10 More Kids coming soon!)

Today is the day.  I am giving you your own little "referral".  You can be a part of this miracle.

Email me with the child you have chosen at  I will send you a sponsorship packet and a referral # for the child that you chose, along with a your child's profile and more information to get you started right away with Children's Hope Chest.

Commit to changing one life, today, right now. 

I have partnered with the project leader at to bring this effort to The Oasis. 
Support Greta, and see Kechene from her eyes:

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