Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"He's From Ethiopia"


Lunch with our friends from the movie theater
was a success.

We met our new friends at a
local authentic Ethiopian restaurant.

It was authentic.  No silverware.

The kids got along instantly.

Isaac and Emma Grace taught Lilly that the
"pancakes" were actually "injera". 


Daisy was a good sport.  She tried "injera" and "kik alicha".
The waitress insisted that this was "perfect for babies".  When Daisy tried it,
the waitress declared that Daisy was "very smart".
Then Daisy finished her Uncrustable.

Jesus was there.
At our table, and on the walls.

The kids made good use of the stage

and the ceremonial play area coffee area.

The guys were able to finish off most of the platters. 
And by "guys", I mean Issac.

Isaac paid the tab for his family.
It was a very cute moment.

Here's to new friends and family.
Happy Ethiopian New Years 2011!

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