Friday, March 7, 2014

Day 2 - Over The Wall

Day 2 brings us to the Great Wall of China!

They had a one-day layover in Beijing before flying out to Haven's province that evening, so they had just enough time to see the Great Wall.  

When Lilly and I began homeschooling, our first lesson on our first day was about this landmark, and she has been fascinated ever since.  

I could tell she was excited when I spoke to her on Facetime during breakfast.  

I could also tell that while the day sounded fun to her, she was really just ready to meet her sister the next day.  

I remember her asking me last year when we began this process if she would have to climb over the Great Big Wall to get to her sister.  

I told her no.  

But I was wrong. 

I find it perfectly fitting that because of travel routes, adoptive parents find themselves standing on the Wall during their first day in China, without their new children, after climbing months or years of paperwork. 

In a place of such man-made beauty, we are reminded that God is the one who builds the things that last. 

The Wall will someday crumble, and it will no longer be "Great".  

But the family seal and covenant that is placed over Haven tomorrow will not, and our God will always be Good.   

Helen arranged for them to take ski lifts to the top.

Afterwards, they were able to take land toboggans back down instead of the lifts.  

After the Wall, they went for lunch in an atrium-type restaurant with tea service and traditional food.  

Paul and I are really adventurous eaters, so I know he is enjoying the food portion of this trip immensely.  

As for Becky, she taught herself how to cook some pretty mean African food during her time living there, so I know she appreciates this too.  

I also know that this tea service was probably the highlight of Lilly's day!  

After lunch, they arrived at the airport to wait for their late evening flight to Hefei, where they will be meeting and claiming Haven the next morning!

Lilly was over-tired, 
which in our family translates to night terrors.  

She had one in the airport while sleeping on this bench, but the families sitting nearby were kind and concerned and everyone got through it.  

All of this leads up to the one day, the one minute that we have been counting down to since April of last year, and when the sun comes up in the morning, it will finally be time.  

This 6-year old child will become a daughter, a sister, a grandchild - all in one moment - on the day that God ordained...

Which "happens" to be Lilly's 6th Birthday.  

COMING UP:  Day 3 - Haven's Gotcha!


  1. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...

  2. I love the pics of the "Great wall Day" but Cat wait to see the Gotcha pics! I love your posts and am praying for you all! I am enjoying seeing the journey through pictures!

  3. Another beautiful post. Is that last photo of her holding hands with her Daddy? So so sweet.

  4. Look at that precious face!!! Rejoicing with you!


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