Abolish Abortion

Our family stands among those who call for the 
immediate and complete 
abolition of abortion in this country.  

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Biblical Perspectives:

Ray Comfort:  180movie.com John Macarthur: Abortion and the Campaign for Immorality
John Macarthur:  Is Scripture Clear on Abortion?
RC Sproul, JR:  Babies are Murdered Here
Patte Smith:  A Voice in the Wilderness
David Platt:  Abortion is a God Issue, not a Political One
Matt Chandler:  Murderers Among Us
Loving our Neighbors:  The Beautification of Murder
Pleading for Life
What is Abolition?

The REALITY of Abortion (GRAPHIC):

Abortionist Shows His Work
Real Life Story:  22 Weeks
22 Weeks Article:  Staff Ignores Baby Born ALIVE
It's a BABY
Kansas Late Term

Abortion Survivors:

Lacey and Christian
Lianna:  Life After Teen Rape
Gianna Jesson

Life for ALL Children:

Vapor and Mist:  Dasah
Breath of Life
Baby Nathan
Baby Walter

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